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Welcome to mrep4u.org

World Railway Articles

Please contact us with any queries you may have  regarding our site and its contents.


We do not ask for Telephone Numbers this is your prerogative.

For enquiries relating to:

1. Articles

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3. Complaints.

4. Any Other query.

Submitting a Drawing or Diagram

Submitting an Article To World Railway Articles

If you wish to submit a drawing/diagram please keep to mrep4u’s specifications for home printing.

Mrep4u will also modify your drawing for our distribution PDF/printer settings for you at no charge (or) if the diagram/drawing display requires adjustment.

Mrep4u will place place a $0.50 cent charge on all final sales on each of your drawing/drawings. This will help us cover our hosting and sales charges. We hope you find this a fair charge.

We will welcome your drawings/diagrams on any world railway subject. These will always remain your work and contain your I.D. embedded in the diagram/drawing in the manner you prefer.

When submitting an article for viewers to read, please keep your article pages to A4 PDF.size.

If not in PDF format will will adapt and send a copy to you for your approval before placing on our site. There is no charge for this it is only so that others can share your interests.

Your submitted article for this site should be kept within the confines of Railway Modelling or related to Model Engineering subjects

Important: If You Are Under 16

 Please inform your Parents or a responsible adult: When Contacting third parties such as ourselves or other sites when you are giving your personnel details or other information.

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