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The International Rail Route between Argentina and Bolivia.

Standard Gauge Route, with a"ABT" rack system

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Central Uruguay Railway 2-8-0 Locomotives converted to

 2-8-2 Tank Engines.

Oil and Wood Burning.

Articles in this section are from Regions in South America.

International Routes

Uruguay: Central Uruguay Railway

South American Railways.

Since the completion towards the end of 1925 of the Bolivian State Rail-way, between Villazon and Atocha, a distance of 123 miles, the last remaining link in the International Rail Route between the South American Republics of Argentina and Bolivia, has been completed. This route can be said to afford access to some of the finest mountain scenery in South America, and brings one within easy reach of the mighty Andes, and the romantic land of the Incas.

The Second World War Period Led to:

Considerably more drastic reconstructions or rehabilitations of locomotives, one such is a class of engine upon the Central Uruguay ‘Railway in which the obtaining of in-creased power from even older locomotives has been desirable.

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Hunslet Diesel Mechanical Locomotive Guaqui-La Paz Railway, Peru

Metre gauge

This locomotive, built by the Hunslet Engine Co. Ltd.,has been designed to operate from sea level up to a maximum altitude of 16,000 feet, and it will be fully tested out to supply definite information upon which future designs can be based.

Peru:Guaqui-la Paz Railway