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United Kingdom. British Railways

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LNER D49 Shire class Locomotive

L.N.E.R. Three Cylinder 4-4-0 Express Locomotive

Standard Gauge

The new 3-cylinder 4-4-0’s under construction at Darlington are principally for service in Scotland and the North of England and which are being named after counties are classed as D 49/1. Those fitted with Lentz valve gear will be D 49/2, and those fitted with special valve gear will be D 49/3.

No’s 234 Yorkshire, 251 Derbyshire, 253 Oxfordshire and 250 Hertfordshire are now painted LNER green and working trains in the Darlington area.

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British Railways Nationalisation. Jan 1st 1948

The day when the railways passed on to the British Transport Commission.

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The Grouping Era.  Jan 1st 1948

Article by C. R. L. COLES reflecting on the past years leading up to the new nationalisation era. A companion article to the above British Railways Nationalisation.

January 1, 1948, will rank among the most noteworthy landmarks in the history of inland transport in Great Britain. On that day the four mainline railways, the various joint lines, and those minor railways which have been under government control since the outbreak of the recent war, pass into the ownership of the British Transport Commission.

ON January 1, this year, the four great railways together with various subsidiary joint concerns are nationalised. What the effects of nationalisation will be, from a long-term point of view, I make no attempt to forecast. It is, however, significant that this event should take place exactly a quarter-of-a-century after the grouping of the then many independent systems into the four main groups as we know them today.

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British 4-4-0 Tank Engines.

Article by Staffordshire Knot Dated 1948.

A look at the British 4-4-0 tank locomotives

Fifty years ago, the 4-4-0 tank engine was in general use in the London area, and was common also in Scotland, South Wales, and Ireland. A few years earlier, many more of the type had been at work in the West of England, on the broad-gauge lines of the Great Western Railway. By 1916, however, the writer of an article in The Railway Magazine described the survivors as “essentially a type of the past," and today it is almost extinct. As the type is now so little-known, it is interesting to recall the days of its popularity, and to trace its decline.

The L.N.E.R. has just put into traffic a 1st class corridor coach of steel and timber construction incorporating a new layout which is to be standard for future vestibuled corridor stock. The new layout, which has been adopted at the suggestion of Sir Charles Newton, the Company's Chief General Manager,

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First Class Corridor Coach, London and North Eastern Railway.

New corridor carriage design.